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The technological problems of applying predictive servicing on the production ground

Frequently, production internet sites are anticipated to run their machinery and machines at 100% potential. This is simply because efficiency can be held higher by working at whole capacity—in actuality, numerous factories function 24 hours a working day, 365 days a year. Currently, the strategy of predictive maintenance is collecting considerable fascination as a suggests to minimize the downtime of equipment and tools. It refers to applying sensors to keep track of manufacturing unit equipment and devices in real time, predict anomalies and failures ahead of they arise, and consider preemptive action.

In distinction to classic reactive maintenance, in which actions are taken after failures or anomalies manifest, predictive maintenance is thought to cut down the threat of failures, minimize manufacturing downtime, and increase devices life. It is a major concept in just the ongoing global movement toward intelligent factories*1, and is predicted to be adopted in a variety of manufacturing settings.

In predictive maintenance, the true-time checking of machines and machinery situations making use of sensors is recognised as Affliction Dependent Monitoring, which is deemed to be a particularly important know-how. Attempting to achieve this, even so, presents two significant difficulties. Initial, in factories, several sensors and investigation tools are typically offered as disparate programs, which complicates the assortment and processing of knowledge, therefore producing it complicated to make the most of the benefits of analyses. Next, thanks to wiring and other actual physical constraints, sensing at the positions wanted by end users is normally unfeasible, hindering exceptional ailment monitoring.

Predictive upkeep in factories

Primarily by monitoring the movement of motors inside factories and industrial robots using many sensors, anomalies and failures of equipment and devices can be predicted.

Sensors, edge AI and networking built-in into an ultracompact sensor module option

TDK has formulated i3 Micro Module, the world’s to start with sensor module with developed-in edge AI*2, beating the two aforementioned challenges.

i3 Micro Module integrates various sensors (vibration, temperature, sound, strain and so forth.), edge AI, and mesh community*3 operation into a single device, facilitating details aggregation, integration and processing, which had been challenging in the past. Since it is an ultracompact, battery-run wi-fi sensor module, customers can accomplish sensing at any wanted situation with out bodily constraints like wiring. This dramatically facilitates the prediction of anomalies in equipment and tools, enabling an excellent Problem Centered Monitoring implementation.

Several added benefits are introduced to the production ground, such as monitoring by way of visualized devices details as an alternative of relying on manpower, knowing the overall health of machinery and products to enable increase their life, and reducing output downtime by avoiding unpredicted failures—thereby contributing to setting up an great predictive servicing method.

i3 Micro Module is a multi-sensor

image of wireless mesh network
By attaching this compact module to products, several sensors observe circumstances like vibration, temperature and audio in serious time. A variety of anomalies and failures can be detected in a timely fashion.

Predictive servicing dependent on edge AI (conceptual illustration)

image of wireless mesh network
Information detected by the sensors are processed by i3 Micro Module’s embedded edge AI. The info do not need to be aggregated and analyzed in the cloud, minimizing network site visitors. Modules join to each and every other by a wireless mesh network, which is fashioned automatically in between modules merely by putting in them.

The terrific opportunity of sensor modules empowered by edge AI

Kazuyuki Endo, Next Generation Products & Solution Group, TDK Corporation

Kazuyuki Endo
CbM Progress Device
Problem based Checking Business enterprise Unit
Upcoming Era Products and solutions & Remedies Team
TDK Company

Battery-powered module products like i3 Micro Module have to have sophisticated know-how to miniaturize and integrate sensors and wi-fi communications, and to optimally control everything inside the module in a electricity-efficient fashion. The miniaturization and integration of this kind of components and ability-conserving management were being made possible by making use of systems cultivated through the huge experiences with digital parts and batteries, TDK’s main products. TDK has also extended been conducting investigation and progress on edge AI as an utilized technological innovation that builds on its sensor products, efficiently building the world’s initially sensor module with embedded edge AI capabilities.

Kazuyuki Endo of TDK Corporation’s Future Era Merchandise & Options Group spoke about the upcoming of i3 Micro Module. “We will continue to incorporate new sensing technologies and ability provide technologies like reliable-condition batteries even though we expand the assortment of applications, and combine them into even smaller sized packages so that they can be embedded in all varieties of machines. We also prepare to further experienced the embedded edge AI to empower it to consistently find out the circumstance at the stage of set up and make autonomous conclusions, thereby evolving the module to be able to guidance the varieties of superior choice-building required at the forefront of integration.”

TDK is also envisaging presenting i3 Micro Module to its shoppers as a option that incorporates cloud integration.
By way of advanced application and hardware enhancement and integration, TDK will proceed to assist provide following technology clever factories to lifetime.


The upcoming of i3 Micro Module: A module that supports innovative choice-generating

future applications of i3 micro module
TDK will continue to incorporate new sensing systems and electric power offer technologies like energy harvesting and stable-point out batteries though expanding the assortment of purposes, and combine them into even lesser offers so that the modules can be embedded in all types of machines.


  1. Wise manufacturing facility: An initiative aimed at the forefront of manufacturing to market the collection and utilization of authentic-time significant information as properly as the automation and autonomous procedure of generation lines by employing electronic technologies these types of as IoT, AI, and robotics.
  2. Edge AI: The technology of developing AI into Edge products these types of as IoT equipment and sensors, permitting the Edge devices to discover and infer. Inference and choice-making are performed in just the Edge device dependent on facts gathered by means of the Edge.
  3. Mesh community: A communication community in which various relay units in an equal romance with every single other variety a mesh-like transmission route and transfer information by passing them all over.
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